Roofing 101

Dive Into Common Questions People Have Before Getting A New Roof.

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How To Know When To Replace Your Roof

You think you might need a new roof, but you’re not sure how to tell. Well, here are some signs to look for which might indicate it’s time to replace your roof.

Missing or broken shingles

Algae, lichens, moss, or black streaking

Leaking and/or water spots in your ceiling

Hail or wind damage

Sand or tiny gravel (granules) in your gutters or coming out of your downspouts

Your roof is over ten years old

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How To Hire A Contractor

As you begin your search for a professional roofing company, there are several important factors to keep in mind. We believe in providing education because we think the more you know, the more likely you will choose the professionals at Schoenherr Roofing for your roofing project.

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