Roof Restoration Services for Roof Damage

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Storm Damage Roof Restoration

Storm damage to a Macomb County or North Oakland County roof can sometimes be repaired. Usually, however, a repair is only a stop-gap for the real deal: getting your entire roof replaced when a storm has damaged it. The process involves you, your homeowners’ insurance company, and a local, trusted roofer.

Not What You Think

What causes the most full roof replacement insurance claims in our area? Many Michiganders would say, “Ice and snow,” but roof replacement insurance claims generally come from wind and hail damage.

Wind uplift can tear off entire rows of shingles. Hail damage can damage your roof’s surface, letting water infiltrate through the roof into the sheathing, then into your attic. 

Storm damaged Roof

Patches, Patches

No temporary repair to a storm-damaged roof will be as good as the full roof replacement. Most roofers will gladly do those temporary repairs, and any homeowner should welcome the step.

Ignoring storm damage, or attempting patch repairs yourself, only invites further damage. No damaged roof — shingles, metal, or tile — repairs itself. 

Without prompt attention, temporary repairs, and a full roof replacement strategy, you can expect:

  • Water infiltration
  • High humidity or ice in the attic
  • Mold and mildew throughout your home
  • Ruined furniture, clothing, artwork, carpeting, and personal possessions
  • Ill family members, including pets and the elderly 

No homeowner should ever climb on any roof. A roof in good condition is dangerous enough. A storm-damaged roof is even riskier. Stay off the roof, assess storm damage from the ground, and trust the insurance claim process. 

Woman Talking on Phone

Easy Process

Insurance claims for roof replacement are straightforward. As the homeowner, you need to make two calls when you wake to find your Macomb or North Oakland County roof is damaged by a storm:

  • Call your homeowners’ insurance company
  • Call your local, reliable roofer

You may only ever file a single claim in your lifetime for full roof replacement, but roofers handle these claims every day. A great roofer will:

  • File the insurance claim for clients
  • Inspect the damage with an adjuster
  • Negotiate the extent of the claim with the insurance company
  • Produce an “Xactimate,” using industry-trusted software from Xactware®: a highly accurate estimate, to itemize the damage, replacement steps, labor, and Scope of Work

Unsure about which roofer to use? Ask for customer referrals. Good roofers can draw on hundreds of satisfied customers who have dealt with homeowners insurance companies for storm damage.

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