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Gutters are actually part of your home’s roofing system. Your roof protects your entire home, from, well, rooftop to foundation. Gutters are the roofing components which keep water away from the foundations. If water fell straight off your roof, it would soak the ground against your foundations, eventually weakening them.

Investing in a high-quality, long-lasting roof now will pay off far better than sinking money into endless rounds of repairs. A new roof boosts curb appeal, maintains or raises home value, and lifts your spirits, too.

Roof Meets Gutter

Your roof meets your gutter right at your home’s fascia, which is the horizontal trim board behind the gutter, capping the ends of the rafters. Beneath the fascia in your home’s eaves are the soffit vents, also part of your roofing system. 

If your gutters are clogged, filled with shingle granules, bent, or damaged, they may hold water and then overflow. The overflowing water seeps into the fascia boards, rotting them. Worse, the water then gets into your attic and home’s walls, causing mold and mildew. 

Replace When Replacing

If your home needs a new roof, the chances are good you need new gutters, too. Replace the gutters during roof replacement to save yourself time, money, and the disruption of the work process. Many times, homeowners are unaware their gutters are failing along with the roof. Getting the job done as a package is efficient and instantly gratifying.

Gutter Options

Seamless aluminum gutters from Schoenherr Roofing are available in the traditional 5-inch gutter or the more robust, 6-inch gutter, with 40 percent more capacity.

Gutter Guards

Protect your home’s roof, gutters, foundations, and landscaping. Schoenherr Roofing recommends Strainer Leaf Protection. Strainer is made from rustproof, tempered aluminum and backed by a 20-year warranty. When professionally installed by our technicians, rainwater falls through the 1/8-inch holes while pine needles, leaves, and twigs stay out of the gutter. No more overflowing, clogged, or stained gutters!

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