We Are Your Roofing Replacement Company in Novi, MI

Your home’s roofing is essential for protecting your home from damage and improving its curb appeal. When searching for a residential roof replacement company in Novi, MI, you can trust Schoenherr Roofing to provide the services necessary to restore your roof. You will work with an experienced roof replacement contractor who will help you determine which roofing material is suitable for your home and will complete the work promptly and efficiently.

Your Roof Installation Experts

As a roofing replacement company in Novi, MI, we specialize in all the necessary roofing services to keep your home in good condition. Our experts will evaluate your roof’s condition to determine if a roof repair will suffice or if you need a complete roof replacement. Once you choose to replace your roof, our roof installation experts will work fast, minimizing disruptions and ensuring you have a durable, reliable roof that will protect your home from the elements.

Schedule Your Inspection Today!

It’s critical to hire a roofer in Novi, MI to inspect your roof regularly to identify damage before it becomes severe. Completing roof repair before complete replacement is necessary will reduce your costs and the risk of significant damage. We proudly offer all the required roofing services to keep your home in excellent condition and give you confidence that your roof will do its job correctly. Contact our roof replacement contractors to schedule your inspection or the necessary services.

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