Residential Roof Replacement in Orion, MI

Ensure your and your property’s safety with Schoenherr Roofing’s residential roofing services in Orion, MI. You’ll get a high-quality roof that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime.

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Keep Your Property Safe

A badly installed or damaged roof compromises your property’s safety and structural integrity. Leaks can damage your ceiling and walls. In rare cases, your roof may sag and eventually collapse, causing significant damage and possibly injuring someone.

As such, a high-quality roof is an essential investment. Ensure you get one through Schoenherr Roofing. We provide comprehensive residential roofing services to fulfill your needs. You’ll receive advice on how to address any problems you may have.

How We Help

Fully Insured Services

Hiring a roofing contractor that’s not fully insured puts you at risk. You may be held liable for injuries that happen during work or not get compensated for damage to your property resulting from accidents.

Schoenherr Roofing has $1M of workers’ compensation insurance and $2M of general liability insurance. By choosing us, you’ll ensure you’re only liable for the things you explicitly cause.

Lifetime Guarantee

A faulty roof isn’t something you want to have to deal with again. While we can’t guarantee you won’t need repairs, we can guarantee it will last you your whole life. You’ll only have to worry about maintenance once we’re done with your roof replacement or installation.

High Safety Standards

Schoenherr Roofing takes safety very seriously. Once finished, your roof will be inspected twice, first by a foreman then by a service technician. Your lawn will be checked for nails and other metal objects that could have fallen there during work with a magnetic broom.

Signs You Need Roof Services

In order to know if you need a roof replacement you just need to look out for the following signs:

Mold, wood rot, and water damage stains in your attic

Light coming through the rooftop is visible from the attic

Mold, algae, and moss on your rooftop (indicates trapped moisture)

Curled, worn, or missing shingles

Loose or cracked flashing materials around penetrations.

You should also check your home renovation records to see how long it’s been since your roof was installed. Depending on how old it is, you may need to replace it. Asphalt roofs, for example, should be replaced at least every 20 years.

Help the Orphans in Angel House

No child deserves to live in unsafe and unsanitary conditions. That’s why Angel House rescues abandoned and orphaned children, places them under the care of qualified and caring guardians, and gives them homes.

Schoenherr Roofing partners with Angel House and aids them in their cause. Whenever you have a roof replaced or installed through us, you’re also putting a roof over Angel House’s orphans.

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