Residential Roof Replacement in Clinton Township, MI 

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Improve Your Quality of Life

A good roof protects your home from the weather, protects your interiors and furniture, and helps you save money on your energy bills by insulating your home.

If your roof is neglected for long enough, leaks and insufficient insulation can lead to damage to your home. You might even have a compromised roof structure that could collapse on you at any time. It’s a huge safety hazard as well as a financial risk.

Ensure your comfort, peace of mind, and safety with roof installations and replacements by Schoenherr Roofing. With our services, your new roof can easily withstand even severe weather conditions.

How We Help

Highly Experienced Team

Our team has been providing roofing solutions to the community for over 26 years. When you choose us, you can be confident that only experienced and knowledgeable technicians will work on your roof.

 What’s more, we use only high-quality roofing materials for replacements and installations. You can also count on us to give you advice on roofing maintenance.

Affordable Financing Options

We offer convenient, affordable financing options through Finance Company, LLC. You can have up to 120 months to repay, make use of zero-interest repayment options, and get the residential roofing services you need without breaking the bank. You can apply online in just minutes.

Fully Insured

We have $1 million of workers’ compensation coverage and $2 million of general liability coverage. If a roofer gets injured on your property or your home gets damaged because of our work, our insurance will cover it, and you won’t be liable for any injury or damage you didn’t cause.

Top-Notch Customer Service

You’ll get advice and guidance throughout the entire process. Once we’re done, we’ll clean up using a magnetic broom to pick up any nails that may have fallen on your lawn during the roofing process.

Signs You Need a Residential Roofing Contractor

It’s possible you’ve missed indicators of a roof in need of replacement. Here are a fe​​w things to look out for:

Damaged flashing

Leaks in the ceiling

Warped and missing shingles

Wood rot or dampness in the attic

You can see light through the attic

Moss and algae growth

You should also have your roof replaced if it’s been a decade and a half since installation. Not everything can be repaired, and deterioration is inevitable with enough time. The important thing is not to put off replacing your roof so you can minimize any potential damage to your home.

Get a Roof that Lasts

If your home is due for a roof replacement, make sure you choose one that lasts. Schoenherr Roofing offers roofing options that will last your entire lifetime and even beyond.

This is made possible by our high-quality roofing materials and by meeting your home’s insulation and ventilation needs. You’ll only have to worry about maintenance after our team is done with your roof.

Schedule Your Roof Inspection

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